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We're Taking Nevada back


On April 13, 2022, I held a public press conference at Eldorado High School in Clark County, Nevada.

I announced that on Day One after my election as Governor, in accordance with the provisions of NRS-414, I will declare a State of Emergency and assume control of Nevada's entire public school system. While some may call it an extreme measure and attack me in the media, there is simply no other way to eliminate the corruption, incompetence, and abuse happening against our children from the radical leftists who have infiltrated our school system.

Never before in our nation, has any Governor been forced to exercise Emergency Powers over an entire state's public school system.

Sadly our state has become so corrupt, so self-serving, that there's no other way.

Never before have any state's school and political leaders cared so little about its children, their education, their safety, and their future.

As all parents and students know, Nevada's schools are already in a state of emergency. It's just that no one has had the courage and compassion to call it what it is. I pledge my sacred honor as Governor to do whatever it takes to protect Nevada from the radical left who have corrupted every value America was built on. As Governor for We The People, I will deliver on that promise by whatever lawful means necessary.

For over ten years, Nevada public schools have ranked worst in the nation.

  • 70-95% of our school children test at a functionally illiterate academic level.
  • On any given day, 40-50% of our K-12 students don't attend school.
  • Lethal violence and abusive disrespect toward teachers and other students, including mass rioting, are increasing exponentially.
  • Drug-saturated school campuses have become the norm.
  • In response to this situation, students' mental health problems are exceeding anything we've ever seen, including suicide attempts and self-commitments to mental institutions.

If our public school situation is not corrected, it will not only damage our children's futures—it will also ruin Nevada's economy. It will unravel our state's public health programs and social services, explode our homeless population, and increase our crime rate to unmanageable levels.

SOMETHING must be done.

Corrupt and inept administrators will no longer be tolerated. I will slash the fraud, waste, and abuse. I will support amazing teachers who work tirelessly for our children's future.

Most importantly, I will refocus schools on their one and ONLY mission: ensuring that every student who graduates is equipped with the academic skills, work ethic, and employable behaviors required to lead a successful independent life and contribute to their community.

Overview - Gaining the Authority to Implement Needed Change

The responsibility for Nevada's broken public-school system rests with the State Legislature, County School Superintendents, and the State Department of Education, overseen by the Governor. These are the individuals who have created and/or allowed every current school problem.


My State of Emergency would remain in effect until one of the following two conditions was met:

a) Every public school in Nevada was meeting the minimal standards outlined below, OR…

b) The State Legislature passed a law providing annual, fully-funded vouchers to the parents of EVERY school-age child, with no strings attached, to be spent on their children's education in the manner they deemed best.

  • Option "a" would force the public schools, under my direct guidance to make long-overdue changes to our education system.
  • Option "b" would provide our education system with ongoing internal motivation, in the form of vouchers, to make the improvements described below.

Our public schools would have to either improve their operation to compete successfully for students or...ultimately go out of business—because, with vouchers, parents would now be able to afford other options.

My hope is that Option "b" would be the choice of the State Legislature and the public school bureaucracy; but I assure you, it would DEFINITELY be one option or the other, with NO excuses.

The Fundamental Steps to Taking Back Our Schools


The Problem

  • A 40-50% daily absence rate for students (should be less than 10%)
  • Out-of-control tardiness in coming to school and changing classes
  • You can't teach kids who aren't in class or are chronically late, so kids learn virtually nothing.
  • The state pays schools for all their students, whether the students attend or not, so there is no motivation to fix this situation.
  • Chronic tardiness is ignored.

The Solution

  • Enforce existing law that requires tickets, fines, and court appearances for chronically absent students AND their parents, and withhold driver's licenses from students
  • Reduce the excessive paperwork that school districts have attached to enforcing this law
  • No more "parent notes" excusing absent children. Children either have a doctor's note for absence, or schools do not receive money for that child for that day
  • Repeated tardies are counted as breaking the rules and dealt with under the "Improve Student Behavior" section.


The Problem

  • Student behavior is disrespectful and dangerous due to an NRS statute that requires schools to apply the no-accountability Restorative Discipline method.
  • Teachers are not supported in trying to enforce classroom discipline.
  • Administrators do not use their legal authority to control student behavior, and instead, delegate it to the school police.

The Solution

  • Remove the NRS statute that requires Restorative Discipline and replace it with traditionally effective discipline standards
  • Students who break the rules would be suspended until the behavior stops, or until the student was expelled or put on home study. Parent conferences would be required after EVERY suspension
  • Abolish school police forces. School administrators and teachers have weakened their positions and lost the respect of students by refusing to enforce their legal authority
  • Students who physically assault school staff would be immediately expelled and not allowed to return to campuses. They would not be dealt with according to school policies, but according to state laws. They would be turned over to local police forces, arrested, and charged with crimes


The Problem

  • Up to 30% or more of secondary school students are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol DURING class
  • Students under the influence can't learn and are the group most likely to break the rules

The Solution

  • Establish school-wide voluntary drug testing. Almost 40% of US schools use some form of drug testing. Voluntary testing not only creates a drug-free environment but also helps establish a positive school culture


The Problem

  • 70-95% of our Nevada students are functionally illiterate.
  • The current State Curriculum Guide promotes partisan, humanistic, social justice-style indoctrination, instead of non-partisan, high-quality academic content and objective teaching.
  • The dangerous misteaching of our nation's history, and of each student's rights and obligations as American citizens poses a security risk to the future of both Nevada and the United States.
  • The NRS statute establishing Credit Recovery programs has resulted in students being passed and graduated who are functionally illiterate, and made high school diplomas meaningless.
  • Current high school exit exams are inconsistently given to students, and their results are not connected in any way with their receiving diplomas.
  • 85% of our students leave high school with no paid work experience.
  • Sex education has devolved into a hyper-sexualized, lurid promotion of promiscuity, that mocks or ignores America's historical foundation of Judeo-Christian moral values. Homosexuality in all forms is not briefly explained as a legally protected lifestyle choice by an extremely small minority. Rather, it is inappropriately presented as a major subject of its own—as something that all students must agree with, study in-depth, and encourage.

The Solution

  • Replace the State Curriculum Guide with one that is academically substantial and politically neutral.
  • Abolish Credit Recovery and replace it with a "pass-the-subject-matter-or-repeat-the-class" standard.
  • Students would have to pass a State-generated high school exit exam in order to receive a high school diploma.
  • 200 hours of paid employment would be a graduation requirement.
  • Implement a state-wide Sex Education Curriculum that: explains human reproduction, educates students about the laws regarding sexual activity and minors, presents the physical/psychological aspects of sexual intercourse outside of a committed marriage, emphasizes the moral values of honesty and respect for human life, and includes CDC data about the current epidemic of STD's.


The Problem

  • Teachers feel unprotected from administrative harassment and student abuse and have become unwilling to speak up about in-school problems out of fear for their jobs.
  • This teacher-silence has kept hidden from the community the academic dysfunction, campus violence, and other illegal/immoral activities that occur daily at our schools.

The Solution

  • I would establish a 24/7 "Teacher Hotline" that would provide any teacher willing to identify themselves, the chance to report school abuses of any kind, and receive immediate feedback and support from the Governor's office. The teacher's willingness to identify themselves would make it possible for the Governor's office to personally support them in the event of any subsequent retribution from their school district.


The Problem

  • A significant number of school leaders, due to incompetence and/or unprofessional behavior, are responsible for all of the problems previously listed. Their ineffective leadership is driving good teachers out of our schools, and preventing quality learning from taking place.
  • This has resulted in severe, state-wide teacher shortages and a huge, negative impact on student learning.

The Solution

  • I will be individually and thoroughly assessing the people who are leading our schools. GOOD leaders will be praised and supported. POOR leaders will be replaced ...IMMEDIATELY.
  • With orderly schools and top-quality administrative leadership, I will lead a nationwide effort to advertise the improvement in Nevada schools, which will aid in recruiting more teachers.


The Problem

  • Current administrative overstaffing runs between 20 and 35%.
  • Having all non-instructional work done by school employees is frequently far more expensive than out-sourcing the jobs to private employers, and requires lifetime payment of benefits.
  • Nevada's per-pupil funding level is usually blamed for our student's failure to learn. This doesn't explain why at least 7 states fund pupils at-or below what Nevada spends, and yet ALL of those states' students out-perform our own.
  • Virtually NO administrators teach ANY classes, which results in administrators who have not actually taught students for 10-25 years trying to tell teachers how to improve THEIR instructional skills. This creates a credibility gap between teachers and administrators that interferes with teacher evaluation and improving teacher quality.

The Solution

  • I will evaluate all non-teaching administrative positions for redundancy and would expect to reduce administrative positions by 20-to-35%. Administrators whose positions were eliminated would be offered teacher's positions at teacher's pay, thus helping to solve the teacher shortage.
  • I will require every school district in the state to submit a list, comparing the annual cost of each non-instructional department with an estimate from local contractors showing how much they would charge to provide the same services. Privatizing services frequently saves 20-25% of what school districts spend by keeping non-instructional services in-house.
  • I would contact the states whose student's academic performance exceeds Nevada's while funding their schools at or below what Nevada spends. We would determine if we could replicate any of their money-saving ideas.
  • A "non-teaching educator" is an oxymoron. I would implement a requirement that ALL administrators, including superintendents, be required to teach a minimum of several class periods per week. This would help administrators maintain a realistic understanding of how their schools were operating.


The Problem

  • Almost all of the serious problems occurring in our schools exist for one reason only: the public, including parents, school board members, and newspaper reporters are forbidden from making unannounced, unrehearsed visits to school sites. Thus, our communities have no idea of how dysfunctional our schools are, and what is really going on, so the problems continue and increase.

The Solution

  • I would allow the parents of any child, any elected politician, any law enforcement officer, any social worker, and any newspaper reporter to make unannounced visits to campuses and classrooms ANY TIME they could show valid ID and behave appropriately.
  • I would REQUIRE that every school board member in the state make at least 3 unannounced school site visits every month, and report on those visits at public school board meetings.

If this item was the ONLY change implemented in our public schools, they would all start to improve immediately.








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